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well, if robonun posts, i figure i have to

Early Friday morning, i'm driving the 660 miles to scenic Hutchinson, KS for my maternal grandmommy's 90th birthday. We're having the only family reunion i've ever had...figuring this was a good reason for getting us all together. My family isn't particularly close -- i've only seen my two older cousins once in the last 20 years...never even seen my 3-year-old cousin -- so this should prove interesting. The most distant relative that i'm aware will be there is a second cousin, once removed (i think that's right...he's the son of my grandmother's cousin).

My grandmother's insane. She thinks my writing is really good, especially the more ribald stuff. She was married to a renowned journalist and is a former English teacher, so one would think she'd know better.

Sadly, i won't get to Hutchinson in time for the family trip to their historic salt mines. Darn.

Saturday morning, i'm probably going to wind up playing golf. I was on the golf team in high school...yes, i was an athlete...but i've rarely played sense and not once in the past 4 years. It won't go well.

I'll be back Sunday night, but you should lavish me with attention now, before i leave.
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