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A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius is a magnificent book

I guess that i theoretically owe you people some sort of account of my trip to New York. Alas, i don't have too much intriguing to say. I spent time with a wide menagerie of excellent, interesting people. Plus frobisher. And the nefarious Danny Frost.

Outside of that and the vacation's recurring motif of monkeys and their antics, there really isn't too much to tell. Some of my plans fell through. My best friend (and main reason for visiting NYC), had to fly back to Houston during my second weekend up there in order to attend her grandmother's funeral. sanguine37's mother ate my cookies instead of sanguine37, herself, resulting in a major setback for my research.

However, most of my plans did getting to eat succulent Chicago-style pizza (at Pizzeria Uno's), viewing monkeys in their various ersatz habitats, meeting an intelligent, attractive, The World According to Garp-reading</i> French woman on my return flight, etc...

Trip pictures may be viewed here:
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