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You people should all go over to tooaquarius's journal and comment on how sexy she looks in her new icon.

She made a bet with me over who would win the next game of the Cities & Knights expansion of Settlers of Catan between us. Cities & Knights is like regular Catan, only much more complicated and more encouraging of being an asshole to one's opponents. So, it's apparent why i'd have a natural affinity for it. However, tooaquarius, unlike me, is intrinsically a very nice person...which, while admirable in real life, doesn't so much help in Cities & Knights.

This raises the question of why she would make such a bet, given that her kindness put her at such a marked disadvantage. The only conclusion is that she wanted to be a rhino and that this bet provides a convenient excuse. I don't blame her for wanting to be more like me...
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