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job, freak

tooaquarius told me i have to update my Livejournal. The problem is that i have nothing LJ-worthy to relate to you people. I want to only post things that i think that someone somewhere might find of interest. Cuz i do it for you. Anyway, since i do what i'm told (at least by females that willing associate with me), i'm posting an entry.

Last week, we had pie as a snack for our monthly staff meeting. I, sensibly enough, inquired as to whether or not there was ice cream. Asked why, i started discoursing on the dichotomy of hot and cold between the pie and ice cream, it being a manifestation of such conflicts in the human condition, how we must endure hot streaks and cold streaks of our own and consume the delicious goodness of both, at which point the metaphor started to breakdown cuz, well, you must admit i was asking a lot out of a dessert. At this point, i was accused of being a freak. Bastards.

I'm still feeling the pain of [ghost]. His code is riddled with what can charitably be seen as "abnormalities." The worst is that one of the tests never ran because he did a nested if like:
if (TRUE)
   if (FALSE) continue;
   if (TRUE) continue;
// run test
He assumed that the "else" applied to the first "if" not the second. I don't begrudge the error since nested "ifs" can be tricky, but not catching the error is inexcusable. I want [ghost] to be tracked down and redeployed again.

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