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I'm not an addict...i don't think

Rather than getting something resembling a life, i started playing online poker for money last Monday. Like many people, i was intrigued by all the poker on the telly and thought it would be fun to try it myself. At first i tried playing Texas Holdem for free, but i found that people were playing as though play money wasn't real or something and would never fold. This wasn't interesting to me, as i wanted to see how the game worked.

Thus, i started playing for real money. I tried the smallest-level table first (50¢/$1 limit) and found that people still were seeing the Flop every hand, which would be profitable, but less interesting, for me. So, i jumped up to the next level ($1/$2), where people still don't fold enough, but the game has become more fun. Also, i find that i can steal the Blinds ($1.50 total) by bluffing a fair amount of the time (assuming this means anything to you). Bluffing (successfully) is fun.

After i make a little more money through poker, i'll probably continue jumping up levels because i'm greedy. The downside to all this is that i'll have even less to tell to you people, since i don't think you want to hear me grumbling about how i had a king-high spade flush at the Turn, only to have another spade fall on the River causing me to lose to the unsuited ace of spades.

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