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I so need a life

I had a rather ridiculous weekend playing poker. From Friday to Sunday, i netted $1097, which is a fair amount of money, at least to me. I've been playing these one table "Sit & Go" tourneys at EmpirePoker in which i sit at a table with 9 others, who each put in $X + $.1X. EmpirePoker gets the $.1X (they make a fair amount of money) and the rest gets put into the prize pool, which gets divvied up among the top three 50%, 30%, 20%. Fortunately for me, there are maniacs out there who seem hell-bent on eliminating themselves, more so at the cheaper levels than the more expensive tables. If i dismiss one person, it becomes profitable if the other 9 place randomly. I feel that i'm better than random, since people have poor math skills, it seems, and that i can be in the money 40% of the time. This weekend, it was over 50%, which isn't sustainable, but fun.

Anyway, i've been playing $50 + $5 tables because the bigger stake tables never fill up. When my bankroll on the site was low, i did the $10 + $1 tourneys, on the theory that i could build up some equity there and not bust out.

I've already cashed out my initial investment, so i'm playing only on my profits. I'm also keeping my dayjob. IOW, you shouldn't see me out on the streets anytime soon.
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