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Being lucky is much more fun than being unlucky

Last night's pokering was insane. In a little under four hours, i won $1123.77, which...just...yeah. I played in 4 Sit & Go's (SnGs), placed first in all three $55's and second in the $215. The early stages on these SnGs are pretty boring since i'm folding most of that time. Usually i use that time to read or watch things off my Tivo. However, Ultimate Bet is currently running a promotion giving a 50% bonus (up to $100) on any redeposit. So, since i like free money, i put in $200. The catch is that one has to "work off" the bonus by playing in order to get that money. Last night, i used the boring early stages of the SnGs for such work and won the other $153.77.

The upshot to all this is that i'm seriously considering quitting my job to pursue poker fulltime. There are two considerations that give me pause. First, though right now poker is fun, i'm not sure how fun it'd be if i was doing it fulltime. Furthermore, poker is easy right now cause it's "the thing" and there are a lot of stupid people out there to give me their money. Sure, i'll be better a year from now, but how much money would i be making when these people go away?

I don't have too much in the way of non-poker news. The protestors have been boring. Grace Baptist wasn't even there this Saturday, probably because they had something assholish to do somewhere else. vickivirgin is taking me to see a play this weekend, which is kind of exciting...or at least, social. Played Catan online Sunday night with some college friends, which was rather fun, even though i lost because they're all bastards.

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