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me giddy is similar to me nomally...this is good

Well, i made my reservations for air tickets1 and my hotel for my Vegas trip. I did decide to stay at the Bellagio. I figure if it earns me even one ranking (while i'm In The Money) by staying at the same hotel as the Tourney (since i can go to my room during breaks, for example), i come out ahead by staying at the Bellagio. Furthermore, what i'll get out of the trip will most likely be the life experience of it and i figure that the Bellagio might add to that. On subsequent trips to Vegas, when i'm familiar with my surroundings, i'll stay somewhere cheaper.

My friend Art is supposed to fly up to Vegas to cheer for me and/or gamble. This is excellent. He gets to stay at the Bellagio for free, so that's rather nice. The downside is that he has to stay with me.

1 Plane reservations, if you care:

Monday, December 13, 2004 Leave
Continental Airlines 197
Depart: 12:10pm
afternoon Houston, TX
Houston George Bush Intercntl. (IAH)
Arrive: 1:26pm
afternoon Las Vegas, NV
Las Vegas Mccarran Intl (LAS)

Sunday, December 19, 2004 Return
Continental Airlines 396
Depart: 10:00am
morning Las Vegas, NV
Las Vegas Mccarran Intl (LAS)
Arrive: 2:59pm
afternoon Houston, TX
Houston George Bush Intercntl. (IAH)

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