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I wear my sunglasses at night

I apologize for not keeping you people updated. Part of the problem is that i haven't been in one of my most literary of moods. What's worse is that my eyes have progressively deteriorated over the past couple weeks. The double vision is mostly gone and i don't usually notice it when it is there. However, my eyes have become more sensitive to the light. Two weeks ago, i could use a computer for 60-80 minutes before my eyes started to hurt. By Saturday, my eyes began to hurt after 15 minutes of computer use. Saturday was the first time since released from the hospital that my eyes were strained from reading a book1. I had to take Vicodan for only the second or third time post-hospital cuz i was a big baby. To give you an idea of how bad it was, i went almost 2 weeks without playing online poker.2

Speaking of poker, i realized that in my long-ass brain surgery post i forgot to update you people on the World Poker Tour event i missed. My Cardiologist friend Art, who convinced me to go to the Emergency Room, e-mailed EmpirePoker and explained what happened and asked if they could either transfer the $15,300 buy-in to my online account or enter me into some other tournament. They decided to go with the latter and are entering me into the World Series of Poker this coming July. The buy-in for that event is only $10K, so they're gaining $5.3K in the exchange, but considering that they weren't contractually obliged to give me jack, i'm rather pleased.

So, what have i been doing with myself if i've not been putzing around on the computer?3 Well, mostly i've been finding various ways of injuring myself. Many of these injuries are from playing softball on a Rice Young Alumni team. I managed to bruised my right knee by taking a digger during my first at-bat while attempting to run to first base. Fortunately, the second baseman fell on her ass, so i somehow managed to make it to first safely, minus any dignity i may have had. The next week, i took a line drive off my left inner-thigh, which eventually formed a 4"x6" bruise, which, eight days later, still hasn't healed. I'm our pitcher, so my attempt to catch the ball with my thighs isn't an indication that my reflexes were damaged. My last softball injury is a jammed thumb on my glove hand, which occurred when i made a diving tag at 3rd base and got spiked by the sliding player. I managed to aggravate it last week while bundling 3000 condoms into packs of 12 with rubber bands. The final injury is a filling that failed on my upper right wisdom tooth. I already had it replaced twice, so the dentist ground it down some more and attached a porcelain inlay two weeks ago. Conveniently, said tooth became extra-sensitive last Thursday night (my dentist works M-Th), so i had to go in to get it adjusted this morning.

I have other things to report, but my eyes are acting pissy. No, not literally. Please forgive me, but i'll have to continue at some later time.

1 The System of the World by Neal Stephenson.

2 I did wind up pokering a couple times yesterday, as i was going through severe withdrawals. I only managed to play 20-30 minutes each time, which is barely enough time to amortize the cost of the initial blind posting one needs to make when joining a game. Fortunately, i was extraordinarily lucky during those 50 minutes and won over $600 in a $5/$10 limit ring game. That was much better than the less than $10 i had won in the 6 hours i had played since surgery. Yes, that's right. That's all i've the poker i've managed to play, so don't be mistaken to think that brain surgery isn't a big deal.

3 Why am i asking myself questions and then answering them?4 I hate that literary device. I think my brain really is broken.

4 Please not that this was rhetorical and thusly not an example of said device.

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