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No, i'm not (yet) handing out tricks to the homeless

I am now back at work as of last Tuesday. I had an inauspicious start, as, upon my arrival, i foolishly chatted with a couple coworkers in the hallway for 20 minutes. The problem was that pretty much all the lighting at work is florescent, which handily kicks my eyes' ass. Or should it be "eyes' asses?"

Anyway, the majority of my work time is consumed by making my workspace ergonomically happy (e.g. blocking out my window to the hallway with cardboard box pieces as the tiny amount of florescent light peaking through the string holes in the blinds made my eyes cranky), figuring out what has happened to my projects in the last 3.5 months, and dealing with my e-mail. The latter task has been simplified by the fact that my inbox was so far over quota that all e-mail received before 11:39 am, 12/1/04 had been deleted automatically by the server. Since i went to the ER on 11/30, that i lost all my old e-mail...including some dating back to 1997. Oh well.

In other news, i've been going to the 99 Cent Store to buy food to handout to homeless people i encounter while driving around Houston. My understanding is that giving them money is usually detrimental to their health, due to their sub-optimal money management abilities (e.g. you shouldn't buy beer when you can get much more alcohol per dollar buying cheap vodka). In the past, i'd occasionally give away unwanted food to the homeless, but i never purchased food specifically for them. Recently, after giving some cookies to an extremely grateful man of the street, i decided that A) i need to do this more often cuz i'm a warm fuzzy junkie, and 2) that i really should handout healthier food than an opened sack of bland ginger snaps.

So, i've been buying granola bars, breakfast bars, and raisins from the 99 Cent Store, or, in an uncharacteristic display of extravagance, a King Dollar store. I confess that i get way too much satisfaction out of handing out items that cost me 16.5 cents or less. In my defense, it does make everyday just like Halloween, except with older trick-or-treaters who are all wearing hobo costumes.

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