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naked belligerent panties

I'm planning my Vegas trip for the World Series of Poker, being held July 7-15. Even though the odds are that i'll won't last past the 10th or 11th, i'm going ahead and booking a flight and hotel room for the 6th through 16th. Being stuck in Vegas with no obligations is not the worst fate that could befall me...especially since my poker playing is still limited to 20-30 minute intervals online.

Unless you people have any genius ideas, it looks like i'll be staying at The Orleans.

Normally, i think i'd want to stay on The Strip, since i'm not renting a car. However, the WSoP is being held at the Rio, which is almost a mile West of The Strip, with I-15 in-between (-> no walking). The Orleans is about ¾ of a mile further West on the same road (W. Tropicana). Moreover, in case i don't want to walk in the Vegas sun, they have a shuttle that stops at the Gold Coast across the street from the Rio (and later to The Strip).

The Orleans reasonably cheap ($684.47 for 7 weekdays, 3 weekends, after tax), which is less than half the price of the Rio ($1417), even after their WSoP player's discount. However, by not staying at the Rio i'd be sacrificing the convenience of on-site Chippendales...

Finally, no matter where i'll stay, i'm going to be getting a room with two beds. That way, if any of you want to visit Vegas or, more importantly, me during that time, i may have a free bed for you. No one has yet claimed the honor of sleeping with me, but i have had a couple people express interest. Act fast!
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