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I have three entries that i need to put up for you people, so i'll start with the easiest one today. Saturday night, i co-hosted a "Party Like a Rock Star" fundraiser for Planned Parenthood Young Leaders. Party-goers were asked to dress as their favorite rock star. Due to my short hair, my options were fairly limited. I did have access to a blond wig with long straight hair, but as i had no desire to wear spandex, that was out. Furthermore, i still have light sensitivity issues (more later), so i needed to incorporate my sunglasses. I also figured i'd try working my goatee into my outfit. Given these limitations, i decided to go with post-rehab James Hetfield:

Because i'm me, i ended up closely watching Some Kind of Monster so that i could accurately match Hetfield's facial topiary. Granted, (ex-Metallica bassist) Jason Newsted sported the same, but i haven't caught him following the ridiculous trend of wearing knit caps1 indoors. Yes, i realize that James rarely wears Metallica t-shirts, but seeing as how i already owned the shirt, i just went with it.

I found it a little sad when 4 or 5 people confessed that they had never heard of Metallica. Even worse, after two hours only three people had identified the iconic Angus Young. My favorite costume was the early-80's Brian Wilson, complete with robe, pajamas, slippers, and teddy bear...the only flaw being that Wilson's doppelganger was standing upright and moderately coherent...well that and the fact that numerous people didn't know who Brian Wilson was. Sigh.

Most importantly, however, we raised many dollars and much fun was had by all.

1 "Porate Monkey Robot Skull" knit hats, of course, the exception...being stylish for all occasions.

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