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Now i need to remember how to play

After 6 weeks of harassment, this morning i finally got EmpirePoker to admit that they promised to pay my $10,000 buy-in for the World Series of Poker, after i missed the $15.3K Bellagio tournament cuz my brain was broken. Moreover, they're unexpectedly giving me the $2000 for expenses that all the other EmpirePoker WSoP players are getting. Being greedy, i asked if they could bump that up to $5,300, since that's the difference between the buy-in i won and the WSoP. Haven't heard back on that, yet. Perhaps i should have waited for the two grand to be transferred before asking for more, lest they revoke that offer...

Anyway, i'll be in Vegas from July 6-16 at The Orleans, in a room with two queen beds so that if friends wanted a free room in Vegas, i've got one. Right now, only punkalicia has expressed interest, though she needs to claim what date(s). Well, my brother has expressed interest, too, but as he suffers from severe sleep apnea and wears a Darth Vader mask, he ain't sleeping in my room...or even in the same hotel.

Anyone else want to stake a claim on the extra bed? Or my bed, if you're a cute, female-type person?
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