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I just ripped my lip open with the foil packaging of Trident White gum...bloody hell

On Saturday, we're going to have some anti-abortion bondage fetishists in from out of town conducting a "Silent Siege" at Planned Parenthood. The group is called Bound 4 Life and their shtick is to cover their mouths with "Red Life Tape" and look as doofy as possible. Pity more anti-abortionists don't follow that example...the mouths taped shut part, that is...they already do the doofy part quite well.

I can only imagine that Bound 4 Life will have much fun trying to breathe Houston's 1st or 2nd most polluted air in America with their mouths taped. Mmm, i love the smell of schadenfreude in the morning. Smells like victory...and car exhaust.

Bound 4 Life appears to have hired Same Old Bill to chronicle their World Tour, judging from their initial siege updates from St. Louis & Iowa City. I especially loved this:
We have found out that at Hope Clinic most of the abortions are done in the morning and we are standing in the afternoon. We felt like this was a strategy of God's to show us that we are not contending against flesh and blood, but powers and principalities. It may look foolish to man that we're standing at a time in the day while there are very few going in and out of the Clinic, but it is the wisdom of God in this hour to be standing. God is really beginning to birth this movement.
Awesome. The most curious part for me is what "principalities" they're contending against.

Seeing as how the American Revolution effectively kicked the royalty out of power, that sentence parses to: "this was a strategy of God's to show us that we are contending...against powers and the seventh of nine orders of angels from Xianity." Thus, if that is in fact what god's demonstrating, you'd think they take a hint and stop before he got all Old Testament on their asses.

If this actually was SOB writing, i might simply dismiss this as him thinking that "principality" is a fancy synonym of "principle," but surely such learned crusaders as these couldn't make such a mistake. After all, they apparently have such an understanding with god that you'd think that the omniscient one would let them know of an egregious diction error made in his service.
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