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*clink* Come out *clink* to plaaa*clink*aa-eeee-aaaay *clink*

The Ministry of Reshelving project.

There are probably better books to do it with than 1984, but none spring immediately to mind. Actually, if Deep Throat hadn't come out of the closet recently, i think a lot of Watergate books (or Philip Roth's Our Gang) might work, what with the Plame cover-up, the lying, the never-ending evil, and all...though the comparison to the current administration wouldn't be as clear. Any other ideas?

At first, i was surprised to see that starchy wasn't involved in this. Then i realized that there must be several rival gangs of tomfoolerists in the San Fran area...which i think could inspire a kick-ass remake of West Side Story or, better yet, The Warriors.
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