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¡Ay, un gato malodoro!

I had my first Spanish class last night. No es malo. There are seis personas aside from me. Yo hate being uno of the slow personas en the class, but yo sucks at languages y most de ello have had a little Español before, as opposed to learning it all from PP protestors, The Bumblebee Guy from The Simpsons, and ¡The Three Amigos!.

¡The Three Amigos! served me well. That's where i took both my name (El Guapo...later, just Guapo) and occupation (bandido...later conquistador or dios) for use in class. I also managed to spatchcock in "¡Me ha molestado!" (Bumblebee guy) after i lost in one of the word game, because i somehow bungled saying that my opponent was a cowgirl, of all things. At least i got the "vaquera" part correct. I kept breaking into French, which is weird since the one year of French i took in high school was 17 years ago.

The night wasn't a total loss, because i won the first word game and, better yet, i made a couple people tear up while laughing. We were practicing using "i have" and numbers (i.e. "I have six siblings," "I have ten airplanes," etc.). On my turn, with great sincerity, i proclaimed, "Tengo dos huevos."

Sí, soy doce años.

At least i restrained myself from adding "grande" (grandes?) on the end or changing the number of eggs. Why they couldn't anticipate such an answer given the name and occupations i chose, i have no idea...
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