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I prefer overwhelming you with long-ass posts, rather than spreading the love over several entries

When planning this weekend, one thing i didn't anticipate was for Dr. Sarah Weddington, the lawyer who argued Roe v. Wade, to grab my hand a drag me onto the dance floor in order to dance with the mother of Trish Murphy1, while Trish sang for us.

Planned Parenthood had their annual fundraising Gala on Saturday night, during which Dr. Weddington was honored fo her long career of ass-kicking. I was a volunteer, trying to extract many dollars from rich people by having them bid on crap they didn't need in a silent auction. My greatest accomplishment was, after 20+ attempts, getting someone to agree that "You look like someone who needs there picture taken with the Batmobile." Though all our other 22 auction items were actually of value, for reasons no one could adequately explain, the 23rd item was to have a professional photo session with the actual Batmobile from the 1989 movie. We listed this opportunity's value, for tax purposes, at $1500! The hell? Anyway, towards the end of the evening, i managed to appeal to a guest's whimsy (or, more likely, pity) and extract a bid of $325. I was inordinately proud of myself.

Anyway, before the Gala, i saw this cute, blonde woman wearing informal clothes that i swore looked like Trish Murphy, an Austin singer/song writer whom i've been a fan of for several years. However, it seemed out of context for her to be there, especially since the band was called "K-TEL Hit Machine." I was busy, so i didn't confront this doppelganger. Later, after the band started to play covers, i noticed that this potential Trish was singing and playing guitar...but why the hell would she be singing covers when she's a talented, semi-well-known solo artist?

I found someone who appeared to be a friend of the band and she confirmed that it was Trish and that, sadly, she makes more money being in an overqualified coverband than in gigs in her own band. While everyone was eating, i introduced myself to Trish and had a nice 15 minute chat. Among other things, we discussed David Foster Wallace, because, about seven years ago, she had mentioned on her website that she was having difficulty getting through Infinite Jest, especially since she could only read it in small hunks at a time while on the road. At the time, that prompted me to have a brief e-mail exchange with her in which i recommended she read the much easier, and funnier, The Broom of the System, instead. She never did finish Infinite Jest, though she later enjoyed A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again. She was just as cool and lovely in person as i expected.

Much later, Dr. Weddington overheard me relating this encounter to some PP staff members while she was paying for her auction win.2 She declared that i, then, needed to go dance with Trish's mom who was among the guests. Even though normally eschew dancing, i figured that for Dr. Weddington, i could compromise my morals. Mama Trish was, perhaps, the most ebullient person that i've ever met. She was certainly enjoying the festivities, so that's good.

I don't have too much else to report. There was a fun encounter at Planned Parenthood last week. One night, the cleaning staff was late taking the garbage out, so they missed the nightly pickup. The next morning, Helen saw the trash, so took it upon herself to start rooting through it...perhaps in an attempt to save any improperly disposed of aborted babies that hadn't died yet. Regardless, as the clinic's Security Chief walked over to ask what the hell she thought she was doing, Helen grabbed the nearest bag, through it in the backseat of her Saturn, and sped off. I'm told that she looked embarrassed, though i don't see why since her garbage picking was clearly god's work.

Though she protested on Saturday, she left early before i had the chance to harass her about her new hobby...

Finally, today's This Modern World is lovely.

1 You can (and should) listen to some Trish Murphy here. Among my favorites are Goldilocks and Scorpio Tequila. For any Houston readers, Trish's solo band is playing at the Mucky Duck on Friday, October 28 in case you're interested. I'm going to try to go if i can find people to go with me.

2 Disappointingly, Dr. Weddington won an antique, Chinese armoire and not her own personal photo session with the Batmobile, cuz that would have been awesome. Hell, we probably could've sold tickets to that photo session and made it a fund raiser in its own right.
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