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in-turn vs. out-turn draws

I've been Tivo-ing fucking curling, which can't be viewed as a positive indication that i'm leading a fulfilling life. I'm not even doing it just because the US Woman's Curling team is cute, since i've been Tivo-ing the men's matches as well. I mean, i do other things while i'm watching curling, since there's the downtime in-between shots and certain "ends" develop boringly enough that they can be watched on fast-forward, but that doesn't make up for the fact that i think that i'm choosing curling-viewing as the most entertaining use of my time. I need help.

Less pathetically, i had the Special Olympics Winter games the other weekend. I was fortunate to have a volleyball game with Andrew, though i was sad that he didn't remember me. His mother did, however, and complemented my Andrew wrangling capabilities.

I did have one moment i wasn't too proud of. In one volleyball match, a Down's kid who had served a perfect 5-for-5 early in a game (before the forced sideout) was next to serve. He was a bit frustrated as he watched his team's early lead disappear. I turned to the court admin (whom i had just met) and predicted, "Uh oh. No way he gets this serve in. He's got Peyton Manning Face."

Admin: "Hey, you're right. You read Bill Simmons, too?"


Of course, the kid shanked the serve...though not as badly as if he was the actual Peyton Manning. I hate that i can be so cruel sometimes...comparing a child to Peyton Manning...

In brain news, i had a few instances of light-headed/dizziness/nausea prompted by extended computer use. I hadn't had that feeling since being released from the hospital, which is somewhat disheartening. I'm not sure that this symptom is new or not, since before reaching the nausea-stage, my eyes would have started hurting and i'd quit computering. So, at least my eyes are doing better (90-120 minutes computer use)...

I reckoned it best to call up my neuro-surgeon and let him know of this development and i was due for a 1-year check-up, anyway. This was when i first learned that i was supposed to also be following up with a neurologist (not just neuro-surgeon) after my hospital release. Oops. Sure, this makes sense, but no one ever told me.

Anyway, i went and saw my neurologist, and he prescribed a nerve relaxant (Clonazepam) to take daily to reduce my photophobia. It seems to have helped a little and the only subsequent time that i got nauseated before my eyes started hurting was when i skipped taking the drug. However, i'm not sure i like the idea of taking a nerve relaxant on a daily basis. I think i'd prefer just to make sure that i take eye-timeouts regularly and only do drugs when I can't spare the time.

I've only sporadically been reading your journals, so if any of you people has written anything of surpassing greatness, please let me know so i can read it. Also, if you have become married, pregnant, or dead recently, i guess that'd be worth knowing know, because i care.
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