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muchos huevos grandes

I'm assuming that, unlike me, most of you didn't Tivo C-SPAN like i did last night. Stephen Colbert spoke at the White House Correspondents Dinner last night and ripped the hell out of everyone...especially The Current President seated only six feet away. And not just good-natured ribbing about Shrub's speaking idiosyncrasies, he attacked The Current President and the press on substantive matters (e.g. Iraq, failure of the press to do any investigative reporting from 2001-2005, etc.).

TCP and most everyone else were not amused. It was fantastically awkward. If you don't want to catch a rerun on C-SPAN, you can download the video here:

The final skit with Colbert being the White House Press Secretary starts excellent, but runs a little long at the end. Some of his other jokes were a little weak. However, considering how scathing much of the material was and whom he was performing in front of, it was a praiseworthy performance.

Alternatively, you can just read this article on Colbert's appearance:

FYI, Colbert is being profiled on tonight's 60 Minutes on CBS for those interested.
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