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- I learned that i'm a "total hottie." Granted this was while i was scorekeeping/administrating tennis for the Special Olympics, but who am i to disagree? Two of the athletes (~14-year-old girls) were giggling on the side of the court, and when a mom asked about what, they said that "that guy is a total hottie." Mom asked which one (since there was a conventially attractive man helping me out), they pointed to me and giggled some more. Turns out, the way to a Down's Syndrome girl's heart is through yelling at them.

Later, one of them asked if i was married or had a girlfriend. Not knowing how to respond, i decided to exploit her ken-lust thusly, "I'm not telling. However, if you return one of these serves, i'll give you a hug at the end of the match."

She returned her first serve of the game.

- A high school graduation for a class of 16 students should not take 2.5 hours. Especially when i'm not allowed to heckle. Furthermore, anyone who, without a trace of irony, begins a speech with "Websters defines 'commencement' as..." should be immediately gonged off the stage and garroted.

- Sunday night, i won me an entry into one of the preliminary World Series of Poker events that they hold in the weeks preceding the Main Event. In retrospect, i should never have ever entered that qualifier. Because my eyes still somewhat suck, i had only been in one or two multi-table tournaments since my surgery and i forgot how long they took. This only had 66 players in it and given that the 248 player tourney i won took just over 5 hours, i figured this one might take around 2.5 hours. It took 4 hours and my eyes were ready to explode by the end. Also, because it didn't end until 1:30 am and i couldn't fall to sleep until 3:00 even with sleeping pills (waking up at 6:30), i was not in optimal condition for work. This necessitated taking a half-day vacation to take a nap.

Anyway, enough of me finding the black lining around the silver cloud of my victory. I won a $1000 seat into a No-Limit Holdem tournament on July 10 and $500 cash for expenses. However, since i'm a much better and more experience Limit tournament player, i wrote Absolute Poker an e-mail trying to weasel myself into one of the $1,500 Limit Holdem events, explaining how it was in their best interest for me to do well and that i'd be more likely to do so there. I wasn't too optimistic, because i figured it'd be a hassle making an exception for me...especially since they are only running WSoP satellites for the Main Event, the $1K event i won, and for the "Ladies-Only" event.

Nonetheless, they were "more than happy to accommodate my request," so i'll be in Vegas for the $1500 Limit Holdem tourney on July 6-8. Obviously, i did have to forfeit the $500 cash since they're entering me into the more expensive event.

In conclusion, yay.
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