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Best. Present. Ever.

Click them for the full size picture in order to read Super Sumo Text:

A week from last Friday, i bought the above at Spencer's Gifts by work to give to Emma for her high school graduation. They had several in stock, but i only bought one, because i thought i'd verify that it lived up to the awesomeness of the package before buying more.

It did.

I returned on Monday morning to buy 3+ more for future giftings, only to discover that i wasn't the only person in Houston with an appreciation for remotely operating zaftig Asian gentlemen in diapers.1 They were sold out. However, a Spencer's over 20 miles away from my house still had the only two remaining in Houston. As I had a wedding to attend this weekend and this was an ideal wedding gift (you know, so they had something fun to do during their honeymoon), i made the trek and bought the last two. This says something about me, though i'm not sure what, exactly.

I had intended to send one to punkalicia and ttocsland for their wedding, but it'd cost about as much to ship as the wrestlers themselves cost. I figure they might find something else to do during their honeymoon, anyway. Besides, it's the thought that counts.

For a limited time, one can still buy their own Sumos from Spencer's website for $9.97 (plus shipping). They also have a video of one of them in action. However, the audio on the video fails to capture the "Super Sumo Sounds" shouted during their Super Sumo Scuffles. Lakota!! Lakota!!

[1] By which i mean diapers on the Asian gentlemen. My sartorial choices are irrelevant.

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