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So, i've noticed that more people lately have been acknowledging the wonderment that is ken by adding me to their friends list. I am, of course, flattered at this recognition that my writing is worth reading. Sadly, my inclination is to be sluggish to return the favor, for time is finite and i putz around on the internet too much already. Furthermore, i would prefer to be too slow in adding a remarkable person to my list than risk being too hasty in adding a friend only to find that they later must be purged. I am loath to purge otherwise nice people whom i, for whatever reason, choose not to clutter my friends page with.

However, you're not missing anything. I do not make friends-only posts, for i like exposing myself to the widest possible audience. Moreover, i do peruse all my friends' journals, so i will eventually be sharing the love there as well.

Hopefully, this announcement will prevent anyone's feelings from being accidentally hurt.

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