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none rock more than i

This Saturday, we're doing a "Party Like a Rock Star" theme again for the Planned Parenthood Young Leaders group for which i'm on the Steering Committee. Last year, i went as James Hetfield. That wasn't very exciting, but as i mentioned, my options were limited.

This year, i decided to change things up. However, i have the same limitations, follically-speaking, as before. Thus, given that people last year, when told to dress like their favorite rock star, were very liberal with their interpretations of "favorite," "rock," and "star," i decided that i'm going as Sinead O'Connor.

Logically, the key part of my outfit is going to be a ripped picture of the pope, which i'll wear attached to some beads around my neck. My question for you, dear readers, is should i go for Pope John Paul II to match Sinead's moment or should i go with the current Pope Joey Ratz?

Right now, i'm thinking i'll have JP2 on one side and Joey Ratz on the other, though that might get confusing if one half gets flips over. Maybe for structural integrity, i'll do JP2, but only rip it about three-quarters of the way down. Hmmm....

Finally, i'm open to other suggestions on how to be a better Sinead. Other than the cleaved popes and the shaved head, all i planned on doing was wearing all black and some boots.
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