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Please don't make me read Dilbert

I thought i had whined about this previously on LJ, but apparently said caterwauling was relegated to comments and e-mails. After 9.6 years of having my own office (about 8 with a window office), i've been moved to cubicles. The company is achieving economies of space and, four or five years post-merger, defeating our lovely, anti-social, office-based culture with the "open and friendly" community of cubes.

This, of course, sucks for me. In addition to all the normal reasons, it sucks because my eyes don't care too much for luminous workplace.1 The fluorescent lights aren't quite as bad as i thought, since they're designed to reflect towards the ceiling, but the quantity of light is excessive...even after removing the lights above my cube. I still have a window cube, but that does me no good since i keep the blinds closed.

I can no longer watch hard-core porn at work, as passers-by can easily look at my monitor. It appears i have to be gratified with mere soft-core porn. Sigh.

Everything is cramped, including our lab space which is about half what we used to have. Optimistically, this means that people will start being organized and putting things back where they belong. Realistically, this means that crap will be piled on other crap rather than be spread out for easy viewing.

The very first time i put food (pizza) in our public fridge, it got stolen within 3 hours. Through all the years in our old location, i had only lost one bottle of Diet Coke. There are a fair number of construction and mover people around, so i don't know who the villain is. Still...not encouraging.

Lastly, often there's no legal way to exit my new parking lot. Immediately preceding the exit, one-way traffic coming straight and traffic coming from the left meet in a "T." However, both directions of traffic are commanded to Yield. If two cars arrive simultaneously, i'd think that neither vehicle can legally enter the intersection.

On the plus side, i do only have two wallmates, with windows on one side and drywall opposite my "door." Also, now that i work on the 8th floor, i get to walk up-and-down 144 stairs to get between my floor and the main inter-building walkway on the 2nd. I can use the exercise.

Please let me know you people have any cube survival strategies, otherwise i might have to start reading Dilbert for idea. I have nice headphones so external noise isn't a big problem. I thought i might want a periscope for my cube and a quick Google search reveals that others have anticipated my desires.

I already have a mirror set up so that i can see any ninjas sneaking up behind me...though i'm somewhat vulnerable to ninja attacks on my flanks.


1 I do have the option to takeover one of our 3 "Task Rooms" if the surfeit of light proves intolerable. However, i don't want to be isolated as having special treatment unless I truly need it.

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