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Each shool creates one space sound

I'm about at my limit on vacation time (i can only have 30 days banked at any given time), so i'm going to Los Angeles from February 1-11 to play in a couple poker tournaments, see punkalicia, and whatever else i can find to amuse me. The poker tournaments should be juicy, since players at the Commerce are notoriously over-aggressive and bad. One problem is that we aren't starting with enough chips, which makes it too much of a crapshoot, especially again hyper opponents. Still, i imagine that my Expected Value from the two $1060 Limit Holdem tournaments should cover the $1K in expenses for airfare, accommodations, and rental car.

I haven't been to LA as an adult except for a brief job interview. I've been trying to think of things that i'd want to see (aside from friends) or do there, and i'm drawing a blank. My understanding is that LA is supposed to have attractions other than legalized poker. Do you people know what those attmight be?

I'm staying at the Montebello Best Western, which is cheap, has free internet access, and is convenient to the Commerce Casino (and not too far away from the Bicycle Casino).
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