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The misunderstood Viking says it

For Friday night, i managed to get Yo La Tengo to let Planned Parenthood invite themselves to setup an information booth at their concert. Of course, i charitably agreed to assist in manning said booth...because that's the kind of guy i am. It was a successful event, we managed to get many people to signup for our Planned Parenthood Young Leaders mailing list and many condoms, information booklets, and miscellaneous giveaways were given away.

The most popular item were retractable ballpoint pens that had LEDs in them...this wasn't surprising as i've found that drunk people have a moth-like attraction to things that illuminate. Based on my experience at the Gay Pride Parade, a hypothetical glow-in-the-dark Juicy Lube would be the most sought-after PP giveaway ever.

Anyway, in addition to being productive, i had a most lovely time. Ira Kaplan (of Yo La Tengo) was quite friendly. The original opening act for YLT's tour cancelled just a few days ago, but they managed to find a pop-punk Ohio band, Times New Viking, to tour with them on no notice. I enjoyed Times New Viking live, and their lead singer is very part because she wouldn't shut-up about how awesome it was for Planned Parenthood to be there. I ended up buying their CD, The Paisley Reich, since i'm not immune to enthusiastic, charming women. The CD isn't all that good, but has its moments. The song titles (e.g. Imagine Dead John Lennon, Allegory Gets Me Hot) tend to be better than the songs themselves. Ah well.

In other news, reviewers were uniformly positive critiquing brookelinne, noting that "[she was] so fucking beautiful" and "Your friend in that green, she was the most freakin' gorgeous girl in here tonight."

I'm not aware of any reviews on my relative physical attractiveness.

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Nick Cave has a kind of unhinged genius that i adore but don't even remotely come close to understanding.
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