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No, i don't want to adopt my 7-year-old's your fault for become a new parent @ age 51

I missed the Gay Pride Parade last weekend because i had to go to my maternal grandmother's funeral service in Hutchinson, Kansas. I feel somewhat guilty in that i felt worse about missing the parade than i did about my grandmother dying. This is slightly less abhorrent than it sounds since she lived 93 happy years and, after suffering a leg infection a few months ago, was looked forward to the release from that pain. She did get to see her children and some other relatives a few days before she died, so it's hard for me to feel sad about that.

Though she died in mid-May, the funeral service wasn't held until now so that as many people as possible could attend. Quite a few did, including her niece from Nice (France). As a pleasant surprise, she kept many of the letters the grandchildren had written over the years. It's pretty remarkable how poor and awkward1 my epistles were until after my sophomore year in college when i learned that i could "work blue." I had written about a couple college shenanigans involving 1) hiring a stripper to dance for a classmate during dinner in the commons (with subtle humorous touches) and 2) how my friend, while naked and covered with shaving cream, defenestrated himself through the front door of Fondren Library. Understandably, i didn't think these were grandmother-appropriate stories, but my mom insisted that they were. Grandmommy loved them. Weirdo. After that point i had little problem writing her at all, though i regret not doing it as much as i could have.

It was strange chatting with grandmother's friends and hearing back all that she had told them about me. By virtue of the fact this information was filtered through my own personal aggrandizement on what i told grandmother and then filtered again as she bragged about her grandchildren, her friends made me sound as though i'm a fantastic person. I realize this phenomenon isn't unique among the elderly, it was still startling to hear my Special Olympics stories told back to me by complete strangers. They seemed so genuinely fond of me by virtue of being 1/4 granny. On three separate occasions, i was lauded for being "raised right" due to grandmother's influence through my mom.

I'm rather interested in what kinds of things they said about my brother. Not only is he far less awesome than i, but he also didn't act as his own Minister of Propaganda by writing grandmommy often.

Anyway, no need for condolences because her life and death were nothing to be despondent about.

I still despair over missing the Parade. I wanted to stage my own personal Gay Pride Parade in Hutchinson, but that didn't work out too well.

1 From the 2nd Grade [big ass sic]:

Dear GrandMother and Father

   Thank you for sweater and the ten doller check.

My other Grandparnts and my Uncle Rod came for christmas and I got: A.M.F.M. radio headphones, a archery set, and a camera with film.

I'm going learn how write cursive after vacatoin.

I sign up for basketball.



I am amused that i didn't capitalize christmas even then.
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