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Could somebody please remove these cutleries from my knees?

I’m co-hosting a Planned Parenthood "Party Like a Rock Star" party on Saturday and i need an emergency costume idea. To give an idea of my level of desperation for good ideas, this weekend i A) chose to go into a mall, and B) went into a Hot Topic for the first time in my life and conversed with the native population therein. *shudder*

My original plan was to go as Rick Allen, the drummer from Def Leppard. I was going to wear a Union Jack t-shirt along and keep my left arm tucked into the shirt all night. Unfortunately, i learned on Saturday that my source for the t-shirt fell through, and it doesn't look like i can get one off the internet in time. Part of the problem is that i'd need short sleeves, whereas most of the Def Leppard-style shirts are sleeveless.

Last year, i went as Sinead O'Connor and I was James Hetfield the year before. I don't have much time to grow my facial hair in an overly interesting fashion. I still have a goatee and have hair that is shaved down to 1/8" on my dome.

Thus, while i could pull off Nick Cave's current facial hair, i'm screwed on the hair. I don't recall him ever wearing a hat. There's also the issue that only a few people would know who the hell he is. On the other hand, i like his music a lot and, if i went for Birthday Party-era Nick Cave, i'd get to destroy a bunch of shit by staying in character.

I could be Moby as I own the Republicans for Voldemort t-shirt he's wearing, but it's not like that t-shirt is readily identifiable with him. On the plus side, it might help sell more Republicans for Voldemort merchandise, which would be good. On the whole, i think that's pretty boring.

The easiest readily identifiable rock "star" for me would probably be Scott Ian of Anthrax. I'm ambivalent on both Scott Ian and Anthrax, so this doesn't overly excite me. However, shaving my hair completely off would earn dedication points. I'm not going to be able to be able my goatee long enough to the iconic Scott Ian length...although his goatee is often quite short.

I know they sell clip-on braided extensions, which could work. I'm not sure where I'd get such a thing though. Anyone know?
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