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Joan of Arc: literally, sizzling hot

My nomination for Hotties from History was read in this week's Bugle podcast. The Bugle - Audio Newspaper for a Visual World is a jolly good podcast featuring The Daily Show's Jon Oliver with his long time comedic partner Andy Zaltzman providing the news in the most British manner possible. Mr. Oliver is better here than he is on The Daily Show since he has even better chemistry with Andy Zaltzman then he has with Mr. Stewart.

Hotties from History is a recurring bit they started around Episode 8 or 9 where people nominate and vote for their historical crushes. Joanna the Mad had proved to be popular with the hosts and audience, so I nominated one of her far more grotesque descendents, Carlos II of Spain. Andy read mine at the 25:27 mark. Frustratingly, i preferred this week's other podcast-worthy Hottie nomination (at 24:30).

Still, i loved hearing my words read with a British accent. subbes, if you wanted to call me and read my LJ posts to me, i'd enjoy that.

This week's episode was among their weaker efforts, but quite entertaining nonetheless. I recommend starting from Episode 1 and listening to all of them if you have the time.
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