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Also, i'm now able to sleep in my bed, like a gentleman, instead needing to use my La-Z-Boy

Tomorrow, i get to put weight on my right foot for the first time in 54 days, which is exciting. My surgeon was surprisingly uninterested in me doing any kind of physical therapy, saying that "if you wanted to flex your leg 500 times a day, that'd be good." So, I did that in addition to some leg lifts and ankle flexibility things that my personal trainer friend recommended.

This morning was the first time i really looked at my leg in a long time. Holy crap. My right calf feels like it consists of Jell-o that failed to set. This is even more extreme compared to my left calf, which is more ripped than it's been since i stopped refereeing basketball. My primary mode of locomotion for these past seven-and-a-half weeks has been hopping around on my left foot without crutches (that way my hands were free to carry shit), which is good for calf development. Not so good for not looking like a complete dork.

Tomorrow will definitely be interesting. I should consider hopping everywhere on my right foot to balance things out.
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