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Dammit, punkalicia. All because of my simple, understandable desire to look at your private sections, it now looks like i'm now going to wind up maintaining a journal of my own.

The problem is that this thread caused its originator to start whining about how she can't stand people like me in her own journal. This delights me for obvious reasons and i'd like to share my delight with my loved ones. Plus subbes.

However, since this is a LJ thing, it wouldn't make much sense for me to post about it to the current, lower volume goats-fans. Thus, i'm left no alternative but to post about it (and similar LJ-based amusements) here. Gah.

I'm not sure why i have this immense distaste for maintaining a journal. I think it has something to do with most journals sucking not a little ass. Also, self-absorbed public wanking is not my idea of fun. Of course, just because i have a journal doesn't mean that it has to suck. Then again, this post isn't helping disprove that "Ken-Journal = Suck Theory."

Anyway, expect occasional, (hopefully) content-filled posts in this space in the future. Especially lots of humorous to me Planned Parenthood escorting stories.

If i ever start posting idiotic polls and making whiny posts about how boring my angst-filled life is, please execute me in whatever manner you see fit.

Preferably involving monkeys.

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