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Today's the real square day (American date format)

My brother called me on Tuesday to wish me a happy square root day (and belated happy birthday). My response to ask if 3032009 was a square number?

It isn't. To check, i knew that if a day in March, 2009 was going to be a perfect square, it'd have to be 17472 or 17532 (since it had to a little more than the sqrt(3,000,000) ~ 1732 and end in 009). Sure enough, turns out that today's date actually is a perfect square 17472 = 3052009.

April 1 this year also works (20032 = 4012009). After grabbing a calculator, i verified that August 98th and October 58th of this year also qualify.

The next one after that would be Feb 26, 2016.
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