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In practice, Vegas Daylight Time is about a six hour difference from CDT...ugh

Sorry, i was too busy at the time to deal with both LJ and Facebook updates, but i did very well (but not great) in the my World Series of Poker Event ($1500 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi-Low). I ended up in 17th out of 762, getting $8570 (-> net of $7070).

Since that Event was the specific reason i flew to Vegas, i'm am happy it worked out...especially considering that only the Top 72 were paid. I almost didn't enter, since i had been sick all week. I ended up coughing throughout most of the two days (covering my mouth with a hanky), but no one complained. Poker chips are already gross, with or without my phlegm.

Lasting that long, i ended up playing at a table with a whole bunch of "name" pros. Mike Sexton was at my first table. I also spent extended time against Kathy Liebert, Brandon Cantu, Lee Markholt, Lee Watkinson, Ben Roberts, Aaron Kanter, and a very amusing Perry Friedman. Starting when there was around 40 left until i busted out, I had the pleasure of sitting right next to Phil Hellmuth. He was actually pleasant during the periods he wasn't whining or getting all didactic on how one should play poker. Hellmuth did at least laughed at my attempts at humor.

Getting to "play with the pros" wasn't a big deal, except that they generally were friendlier and more willing to joke around a bit than the average player.


In other news, because i didn't make the final table, i got back to Houston in time for the Gay Pride Parade. That way i got to help distribute all that lube that i paid for. It wasn't quite as fun as previous Parades because we moved much faster and i couldn't yell as much due to my lingering illness. I did have one crowd member put his hand on the back of my head to pull me in for a kiss, but he didn't persist after i resisted.

No, he wasn't very cute.

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