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A friend on the Facebook requested my favorite 10 songs from the decade. Because i'm pro-recycling, i'm posting it here. Also, this way, i can find it again.

I have a clear #1. The rest are vaguely in order. It's a list of all the songs i have rated as 5 stars on my MP3 player from 2000-2009 (i had several from 1999):

1. "There She Goes, My Beautiful World" - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

"10 A.M. Automatic" - The Black Keys
"In the Evening" - Nina Nastasia & Jim White
"Star Bodies" - The New Pornographers
"When You're Falling" - Afro Celt Sound System
"Pass the Hatchet, I Think I'm Goodkind" - Yo La Tengo
"Bring It On" - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
"I Can't Get My Head Around It" - Aimee Mann
"All for Swinging You Around" - The New Pornographers
"Mass Romantic" - The New Pornographers
"Breathless" - Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds
"Rack & Pinion" - Robert Walter's 20th Congress
"Tri-Monk" - The Living Daylights (cover of Billy Tipton's Memorial Saxophone Quartet)
"The Laws Have Changed" - The New Pornographers
"Mr. Man" - Gov't Mule
"Eighties Fan" - Camera Obscura
"Strayed" - Kelly Hogan (cover of Clem Snide)
"Far Away" - Sleater-Kinney
"Be Here" - Fisher
"With You" - Boston
"Poison/Safe" - controller.contoller
"Up in the Sky" - Robert Cray Band
"Colored Noises" - The Hong Kong

Honorable Mention: The hey-la coda of The New Pornographers' "The Bleeding Heart Show" is my favorite section of music of all time.

Apparently, i like indie rock and, to a lesser extent, jazz-fusion.
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