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I'm a pricier whore this year

The net result of me whoring out my LiveJournal for that World Blogger Championship of Online Poker was that after the seven events with around 1000 participants in each:

1 88th for $11
1 32rd for $33
1 14th for $33
1 9th for $2100

Fortunately, the 9th came in the Main Event of the series, where 2nd thru 9th got $2100 and 1st only got $3150. So, yeah, i'll happily sellout my LiveJournal for $2177.

All of those are "tickets" to be used to enter other tournaments later with buy-ins of that amount. Now, my mission is to see if i can convert that $2100 entry into a World Series of Poker seat, instead.
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