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Fucking Aggies

We had new protestors at PP this morning, recent graduates of Texas A&M and their clinic protests. They do things differently up there. Namely, they don't just stay until they think that all the abortion clients have entered the clinic, but wait until all of them have left and the clinic is closed. I just got home after spending 7 hours in Houston's crotch-like weather.

Moreover, unlike our regular protestors they had some females with them and most of them were actually polite. The end result being that some of our clients actually listened to them. Granted, the protestors didn't have any information that the clients wanted, since a pee on a stick pregnancy test wasn't going to help them detect abnormal cells in their coochie. It's still annoying.

What's worse, one of the new guys, the past President of Aggies for Life, is going to be going to UT-Houston Medical School (to specialize in OB/GYN), so they'll likely be coming back. This is totally screwing with my nap schedule.

I've had some complaints about not posting enough in my own journal. The problem is that i'm currently looking to purchase an abode of some sort. This home search is taking up most of my free time. Sadly, this is not conducive to good storytelling unless you'd get your rocks off on reading my risk/reward analysis of getting a 5/1 ARM vs. a 30-Year Fixed Mortgage...

Anyway, i do have a lengthy PP escorting story1 for you people, but i need to get off my ass to write it up. Encouragement in the form of American dollars or Berkshire Hathaway stock would be expedite said writing.

1 Some of you know about the Chandra Levy story. This'll be a retelling of the original along with an entertaining update based on recent events. It should be excellent.
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