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Suggested Housewarming Gift

So, i think i found the townhouse i want to purchase1 and i need to come up with a price to offer. Does anybody know of anything about the psychology of numbers for negotiating/marketing purposes?

For example, gas stations originally priced gas at something and 9/10 cents, because the consumer's impression of the difference between 21.9 cents and 22.0 cents was much greater than .1 cent.

Similarly, i'm wondering how a seller would react to, say, $177K versus $178K with him throwing in $1K worth of goodies. I'm think that he might mentally round 178 to 180 and 177 to 175, but i'm not sure.

Alternatively, if one of you people wants to simply give me a couple hundred grand, i can stop sweating the details. Also, i'll be your best friend.

1 Assuming that i get reassurance from work that i won't be laid off or relocated anytime soon. It shouldn't be a problem.

I think.
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