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I need gift ideas

So, Emma is in the hospital again with an unknown malady, which sadly isn't an uncommon state for her. Being the sweetheart that i am, i'll be visiting her tonight, restoring her health with my sanatory aura.

During my last couple visits to Chez Emma, we've all played the excellent board game The Settlers of Catan. They're pretty much obsessed with it. The previous winner (aka "The Lord of Catan") talks much smack while executing his lordly duties, which only serves to encourage coup attempts in the form of further games of Catan. I'm pretty sure we'll be playing tonight in the hospital.

In an attempt at being thoughtful, i reckoned i'd bring a little "Get Well Soon, Dammit" gift as encouragement for her to stop being so goddamn sickly. Now in Settlers of Catan there are five types of resources (Wood, Wheat, Sheep, Clay, and Iron). Thus, i thought it'd be a nice gesture for me to give her a gift corresponding to each resource. I've also made modifications to a Burger King crown so that i can anoint her "Princess of Catan"...for she's certainly never going to win Lord of Catan on my watch...

I have a good idea of what i'm getting her for all the resources except iron. That one's especially important because during our last game i stole all her iron, which made her less than happy. Unfortunately, Emma isn't a heavy metal fan, so i can't just get her an Iron Maiden CD. The best i idea so far is a DVD of The Iron Giant, which is supposed to be an excellent film. The problem is that it wouldn't do her any good in the hospital since she doesn't have a DVD player there.

Do you people have any genius thoughts?

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