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Night Calls

I broke down and decided to enter the modern ages. I got a cell phone. I hardly need a regular phone, but i decided that for emergency purposes a cell phone would be a worthwhile thing to have.

I decided to go with Cingular due to friend recommendations and the fact that they had the best emergency plan (50 Anytime/350 Night & Weekend minutes for $17.99/mo after my work discount). Note that i said "had."

When discussing my options, Mr. Cingular Cell Phone Salesperson Guy informed me that i could switch my plan at anytime without any charges, even going from a higher priced plan to a cheaper one. Since i'm hopefully moving1 next week and will have to coordinate the transfer of phone lines and movers and stuff, i figured i oughtta start with the next larger plan (250/1000 for $26.99/mo) for the first month and then move down to the cheap one. Good thinking, eh?

Turns out, not so much. Cingular changed their plans last weekend. Now the $17.99/mo plan has only 50 Anytime minutes with no Night & Weekend. Moreover, they will charge an additional $1.80/mo if i wanted voice mail. Guh.

I guess i'll just pay the extra $7.20/mo to get a whole bunch of minutes i'll never use. I don't think i've spent 1000 minutes on the phone during a single month since my freshman year of college, when i tried doing the long distance relationship thing.

Some of you long distance people can expect calls from me on weekends for the foreseeable future. My conservationist2 nature refuses to see all these minutes i paid for go to waste.

1 It looks as though my August 27 closing will likely get pushed back, dammit, since my bloody employer took almost 2 weeks to return my Verification of Employment form and there's an exceptionally long underwriting delay with the lender.

I may need to call on punkalicia to smash things/heads for me.

2 Read: "cheap-ass"

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