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ingrates [18 Mar 2008|07:57am]
[ mood | flattering ]

Why would “If you were at the Emperors Club, I’d rate you seven whore diamonds out of seven,” not be considered a compliment?

Would it have been better claim that this person would inspire a new rating of more than seven whore diamonds?

I don't understand.

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inefficient resource usage [02 Mar 2008|09:24pm]
[ mood | wanted ]

During the past week, i've received at least fifteen phone calls urging me to vote for Barack Obama on Tuesday...nine of them from real, live people. I'm still going to vote for him, but sheesh.

I've had one each for Clinton and McCain.

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Joan of Arc: literally, sizzling hot [26 Feb 2008|04:38pm]
[ mood | braindead ]

My nomination for Hotties from History was read in this week's Bugle podcast. The Bugle - Audio Newspaper for a Visual World is a jolly good podcast featuring The Daily Show's Jon Oliver with his long time comedic partner Andy Zaltzman providing the news in the most British manner possible. Mr. Oliver is better here than he is on The Daily Show since he has even better chemistry with Andy Zaltzman then he has with Mr. Stewart.

Hotties from History is a recurring bit they started around Episode 8 or 9 where people nominate and vote for their historical crushes. Joanna the Mad had proved to be popular with the hosts and audience, so I nominated one of her far more grotesque descendents, Carlos II of Spain. Andy read mine at the 25:27 mark. Frustratingly, i preferred this week's other podcast-worthy Hottie nomination (at 24:30).

Still, i loved hearing my words read with a British accent. subbes, if you wanted to call me and read my LJ posts to me, i'd enjoy that.

This week's episode was among their weaker efforts, but quite entertaining nonetheless. I recommend starting from Episode 1 and listening to all of them if you have the time.

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FDA Warning: Doing math may cause insomnia [29 Jan 2008|10:27am]
[ mood | tired ]

I couldn't sleep much last night. It's all infopractical's fault. In his journal, he explained a trick he developed in middle school(!) to do the decimal expansion of x/97. I won't get into the derivation here, but the algorithm involves taking the terms two-at-a-time and doing repeated multiplications by three plus an adjustment. If you're curious:

x/97 = .aabbccdd...

aa = x + trunc( x / (97/3)) )
bb' = (aa * 3) mod 100
bb = bb' + trunc( bb' / (97/3) )
cc' = (bb * 3) mod 100
cc = cc' + trunc( cc' / (97/3) )

That looks a little complicated. But, basically you take the previous two numbers, multiply by 3, and ignore the hundreds place (that's the bb' and cc' part). Then take that result and adjust by zero if it's 0-32, one if it's 33-64, two if it's 65-99. For example, 3/97 =

  0.03    : First term is simply x + adjustment 
    09    : 03*3 + 0
    27    : 09*3 = 27 + 0
    83    : 27*3 = 81 + 2
    50    : 83*3 = 249 -> 49 + 1
    51    : 50*3 = 150 -> 50 + 1
    54    : 51*3 = 153 -> 53 + 1



About ninety minutes before my bedtime last night, i started playing with why his method works (including figuring out the precise addition adjustment of trunc( ((x * 3) mod 100) / (97/3)) ) instead of the more vague "adding 1 for each 1/3 of 100 the result surpasses."

I then went off and extrapolated it to some other fractions in the 91sts thru 98ths range:

x/(100-m) = .aabbccdd...              : ex.  1/95  (x = 1, m = 5)

aa = x + trunc( x / ((100-m)/m)) )    : aa  = 1 + trunc( 1 / ((100-5)/5)) = 1 + trunc(1/19) = 01
bb' = (aa * m) mod 100                : bb' = (01 * 5) mod 100 = 05
bb = bb' + trunc( bb' / ((100-m)/m) ) : bb = 05 + trunc( 05 / 19) = 05
cc' = (bb * m) mod 100                : cc' = (05 * 5) mod 100 = 25
cc = cc' + trunc( cc' / ((100-m)/m) ) : cc = 25 + trunc( 25 / 19) = 26
dd' = (cc * m) mod 100                : dd' = (26 * 5) mod 100 = 30
dd = dd' + trunc( dd' / ((100-m)/m) ) : dd = 30 + trunc( 30 / 19) = 31

-> 1/95 = .01 05 26 31 57 89...
-> 9/98 = .09 18 36 73 46 93...

95ths are easy because multiplying by 5 is quick and the adjustment divisor 95/5 is an integer. 93rds are more difficult because I don't intuitively divide by 93/7. However, most of the others in the 90s work out reasonably well.

After this and watching some Tivoed Daily Show, it was time for bed. As i believe i've mentioned before, i shouldn't do mildly “interesting” math in the two hours before bedtime. I paid the price for my folly as i spent my time lying in bed pondering other decimal expansions. For example, i realized meant i could finally do 13ths (which i knew had two separate repeating decimal patterns...but nothing i wanted to memorize) and 19ths, by converting to 91sts and 95ths. I went on to calculate 49ths, 190ths, 995ths, et cetera.

Initially, while calculating 3/190 i recognized that i could add 19/190 to make it 22/190 - .1 = 11/95 - .1. After doing this, i felt like a complete dumbass because it should have been obvious that it's easier to calculate 3/19 and divide by 10. Of course, i also felt like a dumbass for mathing instead of sleeping.

However, that addition of 19/190s inspired me to realize that an easier way to calculate 14ths and 28ths is to convert to 7ths by doing ± .5 for 14th, ± .25 or .75 for 28ths. In the past, i'd just take divide by 2 or 4 and then divide by 7, realizing that the decimal would quickly adhere to the 7ths repeating decimal.

Anyway, i apologize that this isn't of interest to most (any?) of you aside from the humor stemming from immense nerdiness causing me pain, once again. However, posting this will help me retain this for later use.

Where? I have no idea...

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This isn't all that different from my e-mail inbox [19 Dec 2007|11:58am]
[ mood | amused ]

(from infopractical)

This eBay auction is tremendous.

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Can someone decipher the whispering at the 2:00 mark for me? [17 Dec 2007|05:43pm]
[ mood | awesome ]

After too much effort over the past nine years, i recently tracked down the most awesome xmas song ever, What Sweet Child O' Mine Is This?. It's a loungey fusion of What Child Is This? (Greensleeves) and Guns N' Roses' Sweet Child o' Mine with some random banter about Jesus and Jerry Garcia thrown in. It's spectacular.

Click here1 to listen.

1 Note that the track info on the linked MP3 is incorrect. The correct info is here at AMG.

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Like your namesake, go forth to rape and pillage these treacherous bowling pins [04 Dec 2007|08:42am]
[ mood | achey ]

At the Special Olympics Bowling Tournament last Saturday, i had two accidentally, awesomely named athletes. The first was named Alaric, which is the name of the Visigoth king that lead the first barbarian sacking of Rome in 410 CE. Somehow, his mom had never heard of this. Rather, all she knew was that Alaric was named after his uncle, but that it's pronounced differently.

The other athlete was named Dorian Ray. At least in this case, the father was aware of the similarity to Dorian Gray but said that it was unintentional. You would be proud that, after Dorian's many gutterballs, i refrained from cracking that "somewhere, in an attic, there's a portrait of this lane with all the bowling pins knocked over."

Finally, some among you are going to find this Archie McPhee item extremely necessary:

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"It's out of love" [25 Oct 2007|01:21pm]
[ mood | sharing ]

I believe i have a new favorite most disturbing song. Listen to Fistful of Love by Antony & The Johnsons without paying attention to the lyrics. The song's quite beautiful, building to an inspirational, joyous refrain.

Now listen to it again with the lyrics...Collapse )

I believe that maddening would very much enjoy Antony & The Johnsons as Antony sounds like a mix of a more feminine Nina Simone crossed with Scott Walker. A less grotesque, but very, very nice Antony song is You Are My Sister (with special guest Boy George):

Hope There's Someone is lovely as well.

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trouser armadillos [27 Aug 2007|06:46pm]
[ mood | rocked ]

I did the easy thing and went as Scott Ian for Party Like a Rock Star:

Sadly, they chopped off my left hand, which was also emphasizing my crotchal area.

Personally, i think i'm much hotter than fem-Kiss.

Being Mr. Ian had the benefit that it gave me an excuse to see what shaving my head entirely would be like. I generally don't like shaved heads on white guys due to tendency to make them look like giant roll-on deodorants. Also, I learned that I shouldn't have attempted to do this myself, as my head turned into a giant razor bump. My skull, she is not round. Finally, sleeping with semi-smooth pate was an interesting experience as my stubble pierced my pillowcase, causing the entire pillow to remain stuck to my head whenever i turned it.

On the other hand, i parlayed my sweet-ass look at the party into a date with a perfectly lovely, much too sheveled and wholesome-looking Courtney Love. She actually asked for my phone number before i hers, which is a first for someone i was actually interested in.

I was a bit concerned heading into the date, since i don't actually have a two-toned, eight-inch beard nor did i have anything pointed at my penis. Fortunately, she didn't seem too outwardly disappointed. Because i'm a true romantic, i took her to see Alexandra Pelosi's documentary on evangelical America.

Yes, i know, you're all jealous that you're not the one dating me. There's only so much me to go around.

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I think my brain is broken, again [16 Aug 2007|02:17pm]
[ mood | confused ]

My MP3 player is scaring me. It's currently playing Paradise by the Dashboard Light for the fourth time since Phil Rizzuto died two days ago. During that period, the player has randomly selected from my entire collection (of 2550-2567 tracks) at most 300 times.


I've spent a significant chunk of this time period trying to figure out what the hell the drummer is doing on the song In the Evening by Nina Nastasia and Jim White. It very makes little sense to me, but i absolutely adore it. Granted, i know next to nothing about music theory, have no rhythm, and have a predilection for funky percussion. Still, i'm insanely curious what causes me to love this so.

You can download the song for free here in order to scoff at my musical unsophistication.

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Could somebody please remove these cutleries from my knees? [13 Aug 2007|12:59pm]
[ mood | desperate ]

I’m co-hosting a Planned Parenthood "Party Like a Rock Star" party on Saturday and i need an emergency costume idea. To give an idea of my level of desperation for good ideas, this weekend i A) chose to go into a mall, and B) went into a Hot Topic for the first time in my life and conversed with the native population therein. *shudder*

My original plan was to go as Rick Allen, the drummer from Def Leppard. I was going to wear a Union Jack t-shirt along and keep my left arm tucked into the shirt all night. Unfortunately, i learned on Saturday that my source for the t-shirt fell through, and it doesn't look like i can get one off the internet in time. Part of the problem is that i'd need short sleeves, whereas most of the Def Leppard-style shirts are sleeveless.

Last year, i went as Sinead O'Connor and I was James Hetfield the year before. I don't have much time to grow my facial hair in an overly interesting fashion. I still have a goatee and have hair that is shaved down to 1/8" on my dome.

Thus, while i could pull off Nick Cave's current facial hair, i'm screwed on the hair. I don't recall him ever wearing a hat. There's also the issue that only a few people would know who the hell he is. On the other hand, i like his music a lot and, if i went for Birthday Party-era Nick Cave, i'd get to destroy a bunch of shit by staying in character.

I could be Moby as I own the Republicans for Voldemort t-shirt he's wearing, but it's not like that t-shirt is readily identifiable with him. On the plus side, it might help sell more Republicans for Voldemort merchandise, which would be good. On the whole, i think that's pretty boring.

The easiest readily identifiable rock "star" for me would probably be Scott Ian of Anthrax. I'm ambivalent on both Scott Ian and Anthrax, so this doesn't overly excite me. However, shaving my hair completely off would earn dedication points. I'm not going to be able to be able my goatee long enough to the iconic Scott Ian length...although his goatee is often quite short.

I know they sell clip-on braided extensions, which could work. I'm not sure where I'd get such a thing though. Anyone know?

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bountiful penis [06 Aug 2007|11:02pm]
[ mood | normal ]

Among the phrases i did not expect to hear on C-Span3:

"cocksucker cap"

In other news, food poisoning is a singularly unpleasant experience. I did not appreciate human waste simultaneously coming out of the majority of my orifices.

Update, apparently i'm a bit different. Most recently, that was because i choose to take advantage of my Rice alumnus status to download academic journals to read for pleasure. Using lulls in deathscorting to read scholarly articles on Kautilya's Arthasastra on War and Diplomacy in Ancient India or a meta-analysis on the stages of historical thought on Southern Appalachia's role throughout the Civil War somehow makes me strange.

Personally, i find it odd that other people have no interest in learning to what extent the severity of Chandragupta's reign was a necessary precursor for the liberated, glory years under his grandson, Ashoka the Great. Freaks.

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No, i don't want to adopt my 7-year-old cousin...it's your fault for become a new parent @ age 51 [26 Jun 2007|06:54pm]
[ mood | stiff ]

I missed the Gay Pride Parade last weekend because i had to go to my maternal grandmother's funeral service in Hutchinson, Kansas. I feel somewhat guilty in that i felt worse about missing the parade than i did about my grandmother dying. This is slightly less abhorrent than it sounds since she lived 93 happy years and, after suffering a leg infection a few months ago, was looked forward to the release from that pain. She did get to see her children and some other relatives a few days before she died, so it's hard for me to feel sad about that.

Though she died in mid-May, the funeral service wasn't held until now so that as many people as possible could attend. Quite a few did, including her niece from Nice (France). As a pleasant surprise, she kept many of the letters the grandchildren had written over the years. It's pretty remarkable how poor and awkward1 my epistles were until after my sophomore year in college when i learned that i could "work blue." I had written about a couple college shenanigans involving 1) hiring a stripper to dance for a classmate during dinner in the commons (with subtle humorous touches) and 2) how my friend, while naked and covered with shaving cream, defenestrated himself through the front door of Fondren Library. Understandably, i didn't think these were grandmother-appropriate stories, but my mom insisted that they were. Grandmommy loved them. Weirdo. After that point i had little problem writing her at all, though i regret not doing it as much as i could have.

It was strange chatting with grandmother's friends and hearing back all that she had told them about me. By virtue of the fact this information was filtered through my own personal aggrandizement on what i told grandmother and then filtered again as she bragged about her grandchildren, her friends made me sound as though i'm a fantastic person. I realize this phenomenon isn't unique among the elderly, it was still startling to hear my Special Olympics stories told back to me by complete strangers. They seemed so genuinely fond of me by virtue of being 1/4 granny. On three separate occasions, i was lauded for being "raised right" due to grandmother's influence through my mom.

I'm rather interested in what kinds of things they said about my brother. Not only is he far less awesome than i, but he also didn't act as his own Minister of Propaganda by writing grandmommy often.

Anyway, no need for condolences because her life and death were nothing to be despondent about.

I still despair over missing the Parade. I wanted to stage my own personal Gay Pride Parade in Hutchinson, but that didn't work out too well.

1 From the 2nd Grade [big ass sic]:

Dear GrandMother and Father

   Thank you for sweater and the ten doller check.

My other Grandparnts and my Uncle Rod came for christmas and I got: A.M.F.M. radio headphones, a archery set, and a camera with film.

I'm going learn how write cursive after vacatoin.

I sign up for basketball.



I am amused that i didn't capitalize christmas even then.

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The misunderstood Viking says it [08 Apr 2007|11:30am]
[ mood | immolated ]

For Friday night, i managed to get Yo La Tengo to let Planned Parenthood invite themselves to setup an information booth at their concert. Of course, i charitably agreed to assist in manning said booth...because that's the kind of guy i am. It was a successful event, we managed to get many people to signup for our Planned Parenthood Young Leaders mailing list and many condoms, information booklets, and miscellaneous giveaways were given away.

The most popular item were retractable ballpoint pens that had LEDs in them...this wasn't surprising as i've found that drunk people have a moth-like attraction to things that illuminate. Based on my experience at the Gay Pride Parade, a hypothetical glow-in-the-dark Juicy Lube would be the most sought-after PP giveaway ever.

Anyway, in addition to being productive, i had a most lovely time. Ira Kaplan (of Yo La Tengo) was quite friendly. The original opening act for YLT's tour cancelled just a few days ago, but they managed to find a pop-punk Ohio band, Times New Viking, to tour with them on no notice. I enjoyed Times New Viking live, and their lead singer is very charming...in part because she wouldn't shut-up about how awesome it was for Planned Parenthood to be there. I ended up buying their CD, The Paisley Reich, since i'm not immune to enthusiastic, charming women. The CD isn't all that good, but has its moments. The song titles (e.g. Imagine Dead John Lennon, Allegory Gets Me Hot) tend to be better than the songs themselves. Ah well.

In other news, reviewers were uniformly positive critiquing brookelinne, noting that "[she was] so fucking beautiful" and "Your friend in that green t-shirt...man, she was the most freakin' gorgeous girl in here tonight."

I'm not aware of any reviews on my relative physical attractiveness.

[1] Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYH8AILcqmk
     Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DuUuKKAWoeg

Nick Cave has a kind of unhinged genius that i adore but don't even remotely come close to understanding.

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No one openly hit on me this time, however [27 Feb 2007|09:58am]
[ mood | gassy ]

Special Olympics Basketball was last weekend. It very well may be my favorite weekend of the year, though it's not without its consequences. I managed to shred my throat halfway into the second of eleven, 3-on-3 20 minute games on Saturday. Then i reffed another 3.5 hours on Sunday. The 3-on-3 games were the lowest level games that they had (not counting the skills competitions). I request these low-level games because these athletes need a very active referee with superb wrangling skills who's willing to coach them and keep them out of trouble. Since i'm an egomaniac who enjoys ordering people around, i'm ideal. For reasons i don't understand, other S.O. refs tend to quietly go about their jobs and don't help out much aside from telling the athletes they're going the wrong way or not to reach-in. Due to this philosophical difference, i usually work alone and don't need to share power with anyone. Sweet.

I do get concerned that i'm being a little too active...for instance, i set a running screen to give a scoreless team a good open shot (which worked). I'll even setup plays so that a certain inactive player will get to shoot. I also blocked several shots in the 3-on-3 games, since the defense needed to clear the free throw line after a change of possession before they could shoot. At least i did refrain from taunting them after stuffing their shot...to their face, anyway.

I had ridiculous amounts of fun, but i don't have a lot of really interesting anecdotes for you people. The best was when i asked a team for a volunteer to in-bound the ball. All three players raised their hands, inching towards me with that thing where they'd put their shoulder in front of the guy next to them and nudging them back. I decided to resolve the situation with a rousing game of Eenie, Meenie, Miny, Moe, the winning Moe being an adorable 10-year-old, Indian girl with a giantabulous smile named Samayra.

"Okay, Moe, here's the ball. Throw it in to one of your friends, Moe."

She found this tremendously amusing...to the point were she literally clutched her stomach and bent over giggling. Of course, i proceeded to call her Moe the rest of the game. After the game, Samayra ran up to her bemused mother, proudly pointed to herself exclaiming, "I'm Moe!"

I nearly died from the cute.

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Ciudad de Diablos [01 Feb 2007|08:37am]
[ mood | vacant ]

I'll be in Los Angeles from today until the 11th:

Day and Date: Thu., Feb. 1, 2007
Flight: CO795
Depart: Houston, TX (IAH - Intercontinental), 3:45 p.m.
Arrive: Los Angeles, CA (LAX), 5:24 p.m.

Day and Date: Sun., Feb. 11, 2007
Flight: CO294
Depart: Los Angeles, CA (LAX), 8:00 a.m.
Arrive: Houston, TX (IAH - Intercontinental), 1:12 p.m.
I'm still relatively unclued as to what i might want to do there aside from play poker and visit various important personages (including punkalicia. When i made plans for the trip, i figured that there'd be things worth seeing in LA, but aside from playing volleyball on Manhattan Beach (assuming i can find a pickup game bad enough), it looks like the playing poker at the Commerce and Bicycle Casinos is all i'd want to do.

This is sad. Probably more for me than for LA, but i think both are culpable. If you people know of anything worthwhile to do or eat in LA, lemme know.
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Each shool creates one space sound [12 Jan 2007|01:38pm]
[ mood | MLK-y ]

I'm about at my limit on vacation time (i can only have 30 days banked at any given time), so i'm going to Los Angeles from February 1-11 to play in a couple poker tournaments, see punkalicia, and whatever else i can find to amuse me. The poker tournaments should be juicy, since players at the Commerce are notoriously over-aggressive and bad. One problem is that we aren't starting with enough chips, which makes it too much of a crapshoot, especially again hyper opponents. Still, i imagine that my Expected Value from the two $1060 Limit Holdem tournaments should cover the $1K in expenses for airfare, accommodations, and rental car.

I haven't been to LA as an adult except for a brief job interview. I've been trying to think of things that i'd want to see (aside from friends) or do there, and i'm drawing a blank. My understanding is that LA is supposed to have attractions other than legalized poker. Do you people know what those attmight be?

I'm staying at the Montebello Best Western, which is cheap, has free internet access, and is convenient to the Commerce Casino (and not too far away from the Bicycle Casino).

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Please don't make me read Dilbert [13 Dec 2006|07:33pm]
[ mood | threatened ]

I thought i had whined about this previously on LJ, but apparently said caterwauling was relegated to comments and e-mails. After 9.6 years of having my own office (about 8 with a window office), i've been moved to cubicles. The company is achieving economies of space and, four or five years post-merger, defeating our lovely, anti-social, office-based culture with the "open and friendly" community of cubes.

This, of course, sucks for me. In addition to all the normal reasons, it sucks because my eyes don't care too much for luminous workplace.1 The fluorescent lights aren't quite as bad as i thought, since they're designed to reflect towards the ceiling, but the quantity of light is excessive...even after removing the lights above my cube. I still have a window cube, but that does me no good since i keep the blinds closed.

I can no longer watch hard-core porn at work, as passers-by can easily look at my monitor. It appears i have to be gratified with mere soft-core porn. Sigh.

Everything is cramped, including our lab space which is about half what we used to have. Optimistically, this means that people will start being organized and putting things back where they belong. Realistically, this means that crap will be piled on other crap rather than be spread out for easy viewing.

The very first time i put food (pizza) in our public fridge, it got stolen within 3 hours. Through all the years in our old location, i had only lost one bottle of Diet Coke. There are a fair number of construction and mover people around, so i don't know who the villain is. Still...not encouraging.

Lastly, often there's no legal way to exit my new parking lot. Immediately preceding the exit, one-way traffic coming straight and traffic coming from the left meet in a "T." However, both directions of traffic are commanded to Yield. If two cars arrive simultaneously, i'd think that neither vehicle can legally enter the intersection.

On the plus side, i do only have two wallmates, with windows on one side and drywall opposite my "door." Also, now that i work on the 8th floor, i get to walk up-and-down 144 stairs to get between my floor and the main inter-building walkway on the 2nd. I can use the exercise.

Please let me know you people have any cube survival strategies, otherwise i might have to start reading Dilbert for idea. I have nice headphones so external noise isn't a big problem. I thought i might want a periscope for my cube and a quick Google search reveals that others have anticipated my desires.

I already have a mirror set up so that i can see any ninjas sneaking up behind me...though i'm somewhat vulnerable to ninja attacks on my flanks.


1 I do have the option to takeover one of our 3 "Task Rooms" if the surfeit of light proves intolerable. However, i don't want to be isolated as having special treatment unless I truly need it.

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Medical Update [04 Dec 2006|08:43am]
[ mood | cubed ]

I have eyebrow dandruff.

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Threatdown [12 Nov 2006|04:17pm]
[ mood | bewildered ]

Could one of you people please explain to me what the meaning of this supravehicular display from Planned Parenthood yesterday morning:

In case you can't tell, it's two stuffed bears sitting at a Playskool-ish table and chairs. The larger of the two bears is facing away from the table, while the smaller bear is turned 90 degrees facing the street. The red markings on the chest of Ursa Minor is a Valentine's Day-style heart.

My initial interpretation was that it was meant as a Public Service Announcement, warning onlookers not to play tea party on top of a moving vehicle. However, the only thing on the table is a purse. Moreover, that ignores the orientation of the bears, who clearly -- from their ruffled fur and truculent countenance -- are in the middle of a tempestuous argument.

I'm unable to decipher the relationship of the bears. Are they man and wife? Mother and child? Mother and outward manifestation of the embryo/fetus? Also, what might the purse symbolize?

I'm at a loss. The artist of the piece possesses multiple post-graduate degrees from Stanford and Ivy League schools, though you'd never know it talking to the guy. Partly, that's because of his habit of patronizingly talking to everyone (especially teenagers and Hispanics) as though they're 6-year-olds. Moreover, it appears that the passion of his beliefs often overwhelm any faculty for language he may possess. The other protestors do try to avoid him, which the exception of Acid-Wash Guy from last week.

This was the Saturday he's displayed his artwork. I'm intrigued by what might happen if we decode this puzzle. Will more puzzles follow? Will there be a prize? So many possibilities...

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Thou Shalt Not Kill [07 Nov 2006|03:39pm]
[ mood | dorky ]

Last Tuesday night, my volleyball games were cancelled for Halloween since we hadn't had a rainout yet this season. This annoyed me, since i'd much rather have Election Night off than Halloween. This is either very sad or admirable, i'm not sure which.

Nevermind, i just received CNN Breaking News e-mail that Britney Speares is filing for divorce, so election night coverage will be preempted for this more newsworthy story, anyway.

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I'm assuming acid-wash jeans aren't back in fashion for being retro? [04 Nov 2006|06:24pm]
[ mood | sartorial ]

"Ma'am, you don't need to justify to him why you're [at Planned Parenthood] just like he doesn't have to justify wearing acid-wash jeans in 2006."

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Is this thing on? [09 Oct 2006|01:08pm]
[ mood | air-clearing ]

I would like to place the following statement on The Public Record:

In the majority of cases...vast majority, even...I am not in favor of the non-consensual skull-fucking of grandmothers.
Thank you. You may now go about your day.
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funny Germans [12 Sep 2006|01:32pm]
[ mood | amused ]

funny Germans
"Bush's Behavior: Explained at Last!" on Google Video
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Cute Overlord [31 Aug 2006|02:58pm]
[ mood | disturbing ]

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none rock more than i [03 Aug 2006|04:09pm]
[ mood | rocked ]

This Saturday, we're doing a "Party Like a Rock Star" theme again for the Planned Parenthood Young Leaders group for which i'm on the Steering Committee. Last year, i went as James Hetfield. That wasn't very exciting, but as i mentioned, my options were limited.

This year, i decided to change things up. However, i have the same limitations, follically-speaking, as before. Thus, given that people last year, when told to dress like their favorite rock star, were very liberal with their interpretations of "favorite," "rock," and "star," i decided that i'm going as Sinead O'Connor.

Logically, the key part of my outfit is going to be a ripped picture of the pope, which i'll wear attached to some beads around my neck. My question for you, dear readers, is should i go for Pope John Paul II to match Sinead's moment or should i go with the current Pope Joey Ratz?

Right now, i'm thinking i'll have JP2 on one side and Joey Ratz on the other, though that might get confusing if one half gets flips over. Maybe for structural integrity, i'll do JP2, but only rip it about three-quarters of the way down. Hmmm....

Finally, i'm open to other suggestions on how to be a better Sinead. Other than the cleaved popes and the shaved head, all i planned on doing was wearing all black and some boots.

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This time, i'm a complete loser. [07 Jul 2006|12:32am]
[ mood | pissy ]

I decided to go ahead and use the $1500 in cashable chips to enter the second $1500 Limit Event #11. There were 701 participants and they paid the top 72.

I busted out in 104th after my KK failed to thwart AA. Gah.

A long day with nothing to show for it. It would have been much better to end up in 701st, but that's poker. At least i didn't end up 73rd.

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I'm a loser. [30 Jun 2006|06:31pm]
[ mood | grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ]

I got busted on my 10th hand today and ended up in 61st place. For those that want details, you can click here about my pocket AA being no good.

The good news is that because it took 10 hands for this to happen, i moved up a money level and took home $3645.

Must go find some puppies to kick, now.

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Why am i not sleeping? [30 Jun 2006|03:59am]
[ mood | tired, yet pleased ]

I survived Day 1 of the WSoP $1500 Limit Holdem Event #4. We’re down to 69 of 1068 players, so i'm in the money. I only have 13,500 chips after pissing away several thousand on an open-ended straight draw on the bubble. Average stack is 23,200 or so with the chip leader having 65,000. Right now i'm gauranteed $2916 and will get another $700 or so if i last past 5 more people, i think. However, i'd like to try to win much more than that, so i may wind up taking a risk and get knocked out 65th and have to settle for $2916. Ah well.

It starts back up 2 pm Pacific Time. G'night, people.

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Seek & Destroy [27 Jun 2006|05:10pm]
[ mood | headachey ]

I leave tomorrow in another attempt to make my fortune via gambling.

Continental CO497
Wed., Jun. 28, 2006
Depart: 9:20 a.m. IAH
Arrive: 10:32 a.m. LAS

Continental CO497
Mon., Jul. 10, 2006
Depart: 9:40 a.m. LAS
Arrive: 2:52 p.m. IAH

My first $1500 Limit Holdem Event is on Thursday. I recently read that my second seat is being paid to me in cashable chips, so i may try using that $1500 to enter one-table satellites and convert it into a $3000 seat...or better yet, a $3000 seat and the original $1500 event i intended on entering.

I'll have some e-mail access while i'm pokering, but i ain't doing much other internet stuff.

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